Strataloc SPC

Product Details

Strataloc is a floating flooring system constructed with a clear vinyl wear layer, a stone polymer composite (SPC) core and iXPE closed cell acoustic foam backing.

Running Line
Overall Thickness 0.200" (5.0mm)
Core & Wear layer 0.16" (4.0mm)
Acoustic Foam 1.0mm iXPE
Wear LayerThickness 0.020" (0.5 mm)
Square Edge
Planks 7.16" x 48"
Additional Options
Overall Thickness 0.18" (4.5mm)
Wear LayerThickness 12 mil (0.3 mm) & 20 mil (0.5 mm)
Beveled wear layer is optional
Planks Consult Traverse for additional dimensions available

Design Choices